What is a Saniderm Bandage?

You just endured the self-inflicted pain of a tattoo and now it’s time to start the healing process. Up until recently, the healing process and aftercare was simple: cover the tattoo with plastic wrap and moisturizer, wash the area, let it breathe, and continue to moisturize for the next 3-6 weeks.

As my artist was finishing up a medium size tattoo on the inside of my arm, he told me that he would be using a Saniderm Bandage to heal my wound. His wife is a nurse and uses the bandages frequently to heal all sorts of wounds in a short amount of time. Needless to say, I was intrigued and felt compelled to share my experience on this new healing process. 

Saniderm Bandage
Saniderm Bandage

In simplest terms, Saniderm is an adhesive medical-grade bandage that allows a wound to breathe and heal quickly in ways that plastic wrap cannot.

How Saniderm Bandage Works With New Tattoos

After your tattoo is finished, your artist will carefully place a portion of the bandage over the entire area making sure it’s secure. You will then be instructed to leave the bandage on for the next 48-72 hours, depending on the size type of tattoo.

During the first of three stages of the healing process, your body is working to seal your open wound and rebuild new tissue, making it even more susceptible to infection.

In the second stage, the skin begins to itch and peel as the traumatized layers lift off, which is why moisture is so detrimental in this stage. In the third and final stage, healing begins to take place below the skin with much less risk of infection, however, keeping the skin moisturized is evermore crucial. 

Saniderm Bandage on Tattoo
Saniderm Bandage on Tattoo

Throughout all three of these stages, Saniderm is working to maintain the moisture and breathability to prevent any blurring or scabbing of the actual tattoo. In essence, the bandage is working with the body to heal through its own natural methods while protecting it from germs and other irritants it will face.

Why Saniderm Bandages Are Better

The bandage allows enough oxygen and water vapor to pass through, which doesn’t happen with plastic wrap and other aftercare methods. By locking in the body’s natural healing fluids, you can expect scarring to be reduced and virtually no scabbing.

On top of more breathability, it will protect the area from germs and other irritants that you’re more vulnerable to throughout the process.

Pulling off the bandage at my 48 hour mark was not the most pain-free experience I’ve endured, but once it was off, I was happy to be rid of the blood on that had filled on the inside of the bandage. This is natural, and I had been told to expect it after leaving the shop. The next day, I was shocked to see how quickly my tattoo had healed. This is another perk of Saniderm–the reduced healing time.

Everyone’s body is different from the next, but overall you can expect your wound to heal exceptionally quicker than other methods. To top it off, you can also expect brighter colors when using a Saniderm bandage.

There are endless perks to using this medical-grade healing method on your next tattoo, which is why the process has me looking forward to my next tattoo.

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